Windows Mobile job listings confirm Microsoft’s continued support of the platform

Microsoft observer h0x0d recently noticed two job listings for Windows Mobile careers, and they both highlight Microsoft’s continued interest in the mobile space.

More notable than the job listings is the language Microsoft used to describe Windows Mobile’s position and value to the company, providing further evidence of its long-term strategy.

The job listings include two program manager positions and a senior program manager role within the Windows Mobile division. In one of the listings, Microsoft describes the importance of mobile in its wider strategy, noting that consumers form part of the agenda.

A new “agile” organization is being created within the Windows and Devices Group (WDG) to build out features such as Continuum and to focus on “cutting-edge long-term investments” in the mobile space.

We talk a lot about “retrenchment” around here, but the situation for Windows 10 Mobile is dire. With almost no marketing, few consumer-facing handsets, and a near-total communication blackout from Redmond, it’s no surprise that high-profile services, developers, and OEMs have abandoned the platform.

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