Windows 10 Mobile Creators Update to bring significant speed improvements to Windows Hello

Windows Hello isn’t exactly the fastest way of unlocking your Windows 10 Mobile device, and it appears Microsoft is aware of this. In an upcoming build of the Windows 10 Mobile Creators Update, Microsoft has significantly improved the login time when using Windows Hello by cutting one rather useless animation… the cheeky Hello icon wink. It’s gone in upcoming builds, and it makes a whole world of difference when compared side-by-side with the Anniversary Update.

Related imageIn fact, we’ve done just that. We’ve compared a 950 XL running the Anniversary Update with a 950 running an upcoming Windows 10 Mobile Insider Preview build, and each and every time the 950 outperforms the 950 XL when logging in with Windows Hello. Crazy how one small animation can really slow down an experience, right?

I know many Insiders will be happy to hear that Microsoft is making this change, as it’s been a popular suggestion in the feedback app ever since the Lumia 950 and Lumia 950 XL launched. This should also speed up login times on devices that use a fingerprint reader also, excellent news for Elite x3 and Alcatel Idol 4s users.

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