Best parental control software 2017

Parental control software used to be something you’d install on the family PC, but these days things are a lot more complicated with phones and tablets. Here we’ve rounded up the best parental control software that will let you protect your kids as well as monitor and limit their screen time.

Windows isn’t the only operating system that your kids are likely to use these days. In fact, they probably spend more time using Android or iOS thanks to the proliferation of smartphones and tablets. So how do you keep track of what they’re doing and limit how much time they can spend staring at a screen? Read our in-depth feature for expert tips on how much screen time is safe.

An easy way to restrict internet access and any other communication is to enable flight mode before you give the device to your child. Savvy kids will easily work out how to disable this and turn Wi-Fi back on. There are a few decent children’s tablets which offer excellent protector and time limits, so check out our best kids’ tablets roundup.

Some devices – particularly Android phones and tablets – allow you to install apps which limit screen time, and most recent Android phones and tablets come with the ability to create user profiles and choose which apps each profile can access.

With Apple devices, there’s no way – yet – to create profiles, so even if you set restrictions, they’ll apply to everyone using the device. If it’s your iPhone or iPad, this is simply impractical.

If you just want to block websites, install a web browser such as Mobicip Safe Browser with Parental Control or Maxthon Kid Safe Browser. Obviously make sure you remove or hide any other web browsers.

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