The Four Types of Business Leaders We Need Today

Leadership is essential in keeping an organization together. It is one of the keys to having a successful business. In a company, we can see different cultures and personalities. People come from different backgrounds. The role of leaders is to give these people, called followers, direction and a goal to achieve. However, there are many types of leadership styles that can systemize a group. A leader must know the strengths and weakness of the group for him to understand the needs of his people.  Analyzing the typical business in today’s world, we have identified four types of business leaders we need today.

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The first type is the strategic leader. This leader prepares his plans, sets a goal and tackles it step by step. The first step in creating a plan is knowing the problem and studying your resources. He usually asks, “Do I have enough people to conquer this problem?” or “Do I have to right skillset and software to solve this issue?”. Many business leaders nowadays forget this important step. Instead, they tackle the problem without preparation and without the right people to do the job on hand. Once you know you are ready to face the battle, this leader makes the strategy step by step and making sure he utilizes all resources at hand. However, you should not expect everything to be perfect, it will be like a chess game. You will have some glitches and difficulties but if you make to right steps and choices you will reach your goal and succeed.

The next type is the valiant leader. This type of leadership is usually needed in businesses having tenured leaders who have the mindset of supreme power. Through the years of the traditional regime, the people have been stuck to a leadership wherein they do things because they are told. Businesses like this either lose the good people or decline because of the interest and benefit of one. This is where the valiant leader needs to speak up, defend the people and promote the common benefit of the good. For a valiant leader, the goal is the change the business practices. Change the regime of the company. Improve the processes that can bring progress to the performance of the company. However, this kind of leadership can go haywire. The leader may have some principles that are biased to the few and not good for everyone. Let’s take for example the recent Trump News, he has used his power to oppose what has been a lot of policies and laws. However, he has discriminated men by their race and religion.

Then, we have the influential leaders. We can find leaders like this useful in set-ups when people have been demotivated due to a series of unfortunate events. Due to the unexpected events in politics, a lot of businesses have been affected. These leaders are the ones who inspire you and bring out the best in you. They are the ones who will show you the current situation and inspire you on future possibilities. They walk-the-talk by being with you, encouraging and giving you the confidence to do the job at hand even at difficult times. Influential leaders will motivate people by the power of their passion and their strong


Lastly, the business world needs servant leaders. Leaders are usually clouded with the revenue of their businesses. They often forget those who do all the dirty work for them. It is only when you appreciate your people, then, you will be truly satisfied with the performance of your business. Servant leaders help their people achieve their full potential. They provide training and other means for them to grow. They identify the obstacles and lack of resources inhibiting their people to maximize their potential. Servant leaders also provide opportunities to exercise the current skillset of the person. If you can manage your resources, build your people, and give them exposure to the right opportunities, your business will be healthy and your people will be, too, career-wise.

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