Four Tips for Selecting a Memorable Name for Your New Business

Figuring out a name for your new business seems like a simple task, but it requires a bit of serious thought. When selecting a name it’s important to create one that is appealing and serves a purpose. The name of your business is the first thing that potential customers will encounter so it must be one they will remember. As your business grows, you want the name to be paired with a positive experience in the minds of consumers. Discover four tips to consider when selecting a name for your new business.

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Paint a Picture of What You Sell

Consider business names and domain names that paint a picture of the products or services you have available. For instance, if you sell handmade quilts, then the name of your business should have something to do with quilts, the materials they are made of or even how you make them. In short, when a shopper looks at the name of your business, he or she should get a good idea of what you have to offer.

Go with a Catchy Option

Sometimes a catchy name can set a business apart from the crowd. This is a creative way to go about coming up with the name of your business. But, be sure that shoppers can determine what you’re selling by looking at the name. A name that is too clever can sometimes confuse consumers. There are many shoppers that appreciate an imaginative name for a business. Plus, a catchy name can help to prevent your business from being mistaken for another one operating in the same industry.

Go with an Easy Spelling

It’s a good idea to use simple spelling when coming up with a name for your new business. A consumer who has trouble trying to figure out how to spell the business’ name while conducting an online search may be apt to give up and go with another business. Business names containing simple, short words are your best bet.

Think About the Future of Your Business

Select a name for your new business that doesn’t limit what you can sell in the future. For example, if you sell t-shirts online you may be tempted to create a business name that refers only to t-shirts. This may be a good choice for the moment, but what if you decide to branch out and sell baseball caps, sweatshirts, jogging pants and more? Someone looking at your original name may not realize you sell more than t-shirts. Consequently, it’s wise to garner a business name that gives consumers an idea of what you sell, but doesn’t give them the impression that the stated item is all you have available in your shop.

As you settle on a name for your business, go with a choice that distinguishes you from others in your industry. Today, there are so many online stores consumers sometimes have dozens of businesses to choose from when they conduct a general online search. Keep in mind that your goal is to establish a reputation for first-rate  service. You want to select a name people will think of whenever they need a particular product or service.

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