Apple iOS 11: Volume display moved to the top right

Apple iOS 11 was showcased at company’s annual developer conference WWDC in San Jose, where the Cupertino giant revealed some of the key features of the new mobile OS. Now a Twitter user has posted a screenshot of a new iOS 11 feature that shows volume display at the top of screen instead of center.

Apple iOS 11 will be rolled out for users later this fall, and volume display now appears on top right corner of the screen. This is one of the most anticipated features given it allows users to turn the volume up/down without interrupting the videos they’re watching.

Twitter user Hughes posted the screenshot with caption, “iOS 11 removes the volume bar from the centre of the screen and now I can die happy.” The volume display is now sleek bar that no longer interrupts videos.

Apple, iOS 11, iOS 11 features, iOS 11 release, iOS 11 new featuresApart from a changed volume display, iOS 11 comes with a ton of other features like a redesigned Control Center, iMessage app, and Apple Music as well as Apple Pay integration with iMessage. Siri is now smarter, and understands contextual as well as natural language.

Apple iOS 11 will not support a native login for Facebook, Twitter. This means that users will no longer be able to use these social network platforms to log into any other app. Other expected features include: the ability to share WiFi networks with friends, support for FLAC lossless audio, improved Gmail notifications via Mail app, ability to edit screenshots before saving, native support for GIFs into the Photos app, and more.

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