YouTube TV Gets AirPlay Support, Can Now Be Streamed on Apple TV

Google-owned YouTube last month unveiled its new video service YouTube TV, which was aimed at letting users surf the TV channels on the Internet. Along the lines of the present trend of cord-cutting in the US, the YouTube TV service was launched on both Android and iOS platforms. However, its iOS support was only limited to devices like iPhone and iPad but not on Apple TV. But, there is a good news for Apple TV users as YouTube TV app now supports streaming via AirPlay. It’s available in the same select parts of the US where it was initially launched last month.

The YouTube TV app on iOS can be streamed using the AirPlay feature to your Apple TV. While AirPlay support may bring some relief to YouTube TV users who are accustomed to the Apple ecosystem, there’s still no tvOS version of the YouTube TV app, With the help of AirPlay, YouTube TV subscribers with iOS devices will be able to transfer audio and video seamlessly on Apple TV – but with little extra hassle. An actual tvOS app for YouTube TV would be easier to operate, but there’s still no official word from Google on it.

YouTube TV Gets AirPlay Support, Can Now Be Streamed on Apple TVTo recall, YouTube TV features a number of US TV channels like ABC, CBS, Fox, and NBC along with other sports channels. It operates a monthly subscription plan of $35 (roughly Rs. 2,340) with up to six user accounts allowed per subscriber. It also offers cloud DVR without any storage limits. The YouTube TV app already supports Google Chromecast on Android devices, but now it at least widens its streaming capabilities by adding support for AirPlay.

Meanwhile, Amazon Prime Video keeps the same workaround of using AirPlay to cast content on Apple TV, as it does not have its own tvOS app as well. While Amazon Prime Video service cannot be really seen as a rival to YouTube TV, DirecTV, Sony, and Dish networks already provide support on Apple TV with their standalone apps.

Amazon Prime Video may make its way to the Apple TV and tvOS soon however, if a recent report about a WWDC 2017 announcement is to be believed. As part of the reported deal, Apple would allow Amazon Prime Video onto the Apple TV, while Amazon would start selling Apple TVs on its marketplaces again.

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