PokeLand for iOS and Android Revealed

PokeLand for iOS and Android is the newest app from The Pokemon Company. It follows the arrival of Pokemon: Magikarp Jump and Pokemon Duel. And while these two have had a release outside of Japan, it seems that PokeLand won’t be available worldwide any time soon.

At the time of this story, The Pokemon Company has announced a Japan-only alpha test for Android devices which begins now and ends on June 9.

PokeLand for iOS and Android RevealedThe game is similar to games in the Pokemon Rumble series for Nintendo consoles such as the Wii, Wii U, and 3DS wherein players control Pokemon in battle against an assortment of other Pokemon across a number of arenas or in this case, islands.

According to Kotaku, the PokeLand alpha test has six islands, 52 stages, and 134 types of Pokemon. During the period of this test, progression is limited to the 15th floor of the Champion Tower. User data will be deleted when it ends and progress will be reset.

Much like Pokemon Go, PokeLand requires a persistent Internet connection and unlike other apps in the franchise, this links to a Nintendo account. What this means is, you could be able to use your Mii in-game. This also means the app could also feature Nintendo My Rewards – the company’s reward points program that grants users access to games, discounts, and in-app items.

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